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Working as a Husband and Wife Videographer Team


We get a lot of questions about how it is working as husband & wife Arizona wedding videographers, and so we would love to share our story with you! Remember that game you played as a little girl… the trust game.  You would lean back without bending your knees and your best friend, wearing her necklace that was the other half of a heart to yours (#bff4life ) would catch you before you hit the ground? That’s basically what filming alongside my husband is like. BLIND TRUST.  We trust each other wholeheartedly and have a strategic game plan in place that we have perfected over the years to guarantee that we don’t miss a single tear, laugh, or moment on your wedding day, all without physically seeing each other. The beauty of being married to the other half of Love Story Films, it has become second nature to know exactly where each other is, and to trust that my husband will be filming the groom sobbing his eyes out, while I am filming the gorgeous slow-motion footage of your walk down the aisle.

Luke and I both have our expert roles in your wedding day ( A LOT is happening behind-the-scenes): Luke is the audio and drone professional. He is Part 107 certified and LICENSED to be capturing your unbelievable footage from the sky. Luke also has your audio covered from 4 different recording devices to ensure a sniffle, a laugh, and the gasp from your groom when he see’s you for the first time is not missed.

I am the editing professional. I have been editing films for 10+ years now,  from my collegiate days at the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University to my year’s as hard news reporter in different markets across the country. I have honed my craft of cinematically telling your love story, in your words, on your wedding day. #allthefeels

It is together, that Luke and I are able to bring both of our skill sets to craft your heirloom video. Living your dream career while working alongside the love of your life?! We could not be more thankful and humbled for YOU and our amazing Love Story Films brides.

We look forward to meeting YOU soon!